Sunday, 27 November 2011


Dear God I am so rubbish at blogging!! After a promising start I keep forgetting to do it!! Anyway going to do a quick update

Flyball - We have had a fantastic year and gone well beyond what we expected with our top team. The Echoes achieved a seed time of 17.30 and won Div 3 at the British Champs! The team struggled at the end of the year with Jamie being pulled down by a virus that he took ages to recover from but still managed a 17.60 at the last show the year and very nearly a 17.12 with the tiniest early light!! Grrrrrr. Every team did really well this year breaking into the next second barrier. The Extras team got a second at the Champs too. We have had lots of new dogs come into open and new team members join too and I think we are in a really strong position as a team. We have a very strong group of Core handlers who come to every show which allows us the freedom to let people just do the shows they want to do.
We have broken down the training into parts this winter and gone back to basics with Box work. We are varying the training every week and rarely doing full runs at all. We are seeing a big improvement already as we are not competing around it.

Right the dogs.....

Fly - Old age has hit her quite hard this year and her performance has been erratic. She will have a competition where she will hit 4.3's and then another where she will do 4.7's. We have put her as a fifth dog so that she is not relied on. Even so I am very pleased with how she is still running at 11 years old, she helped the team go sub 17 for the first ever time and is generally still amazing :)

Neo - Neo hit his form in the middle of the season and then it tailed off again. he helped the team get their 17.30 but then started to slow down. I don't whether it was his stamina or the same virus as Jamie but his performance went downhill and he was mainly replaced by Echo in the top team when we needed the extra speed. He is definitely past his best at 7 years old but he still tries so hard - bless him.

Jamie - Jamie was absolutely amazing at the beginning of the year, hitting consistant low 4's. He hit a 4.09, then a 4.07 then a 4.00. I thought he was actually going to go sub 4 when he got really ill and that was that. He went a little off colour at the champs and then just got lower and lower until we had to pull him completely from two shows. Strong antibiotics and rest seemed to make him better but he had lost so much condition and weight that he is only getting back onto form now. The fireworks also have set him back massively as he stops eating when they are constantly going off as they have this year. Poor little man.

Fox - Well.... I don't even know where to go with him. At the beginning of the year 4.4 all day and now one 4.4 if I'm lucky then his performance is up and down all day. There is no consistancy. I am going to have him castrated this winter as I think a lot of the problem is that it has become very apparent that Fox also got Barley too (Pip is a little tri colour mini me!!) and now his brain has been replaced by another part of his anatomy!! If this doesn't work I will probably give Fly and Fox a place together as one dog and bring out the strongest dog at the relevant time.

Tia - OMG this little dog has been amazing this year!! Bearing in mind that she only came out into open at the beginning of this year, she has been mainly very consistant. She has got more and more confidence and become very speedy. She hit her peak at Paws in the Park hitting a 4.37 and doing 4.4 all day. Gt Barford was destined to be very exciting for the second team as we had our fastest dogs there for the first time all year. I did two legs with Tia and she didn't seem right so I put her away as I thought she was stiff. China had to be rushed to the vets which left us with four dogs. I got Tia out of the car and went to warm her up and do some stretches with her so she could run when I realised she was totally lame. She was diagnosed with a pulled cruciate ligament! I was devastated!. The killer blow was that we ran the other three dogs and they got 14.05 with Tia running properly the team would have easily got 18.50! Half a second of their seed time. I seriously wanted to cry!! The good news is that after six weeks of cage rest and a slow build up on her exercise, she is looking promising again. She has lost an awful lot of condition and weight due to stress (partly the cage rest and also fireworks) but was looking strong at training today, We managed 6 lots of eight jump runbacks and she was fine - phew!

Barley - I love this little dog, she is so funny. She is so sweet and innocent, so quiet and obedient until she is lining up to do flyball! Then she screams her head off and tries to bite Soph! Little monkey! She is getting better all the time as her and Soph build up a bond. She gone under 5 secs a few times which I'm really pleased with and she was in the Extras team that came second. It was only her second competition and she was part of a four dog team so I was really pleased with her :) Her training is coming on really well and I think she will come out much better next year. She is now single striding really well and her box has improved massively! Looking forward to her next year.

Rocky - Aww little Rockstar! He is a little character. He is totally Soph's dog which is really nice. He is a one person dog and he is Soph's. He will come and say hello to me but he runs straight back to her which is brilliant and what I wanted. He is a very slow maturer and his training is coming on slowly but thats fine. He is doing a nice box (no ball) and his runbacks to a tuggy are coming on really well. He works with other dogs around and isn't phased by them at all, he just isn't interested. He managed to do one proper run with a ball at training today before he was distracted - bless him, he has the attention span of a gold fish!

Millie - Millie?? Who's Millie?? I hear you say!! Millie is the new rather unplanned addition - aren't they always!? Millie is a Beardie x Border pup. She is now 7 months old. I got her at 6 months. I saw this beautiful little face and it was absolute love at first sight. I was feeling a bit low and she is like a little ray of sunshine. She is so funny and sweet - so Beardie! She looks like a mini Jamie. She has only done two training sessions and we have just kept it fun for her as she is so nervy. She is running up to the lane to someone for a treat and then running back to me for a treat. Just to get confidence and so we can make it a positive experience. I will publish some more on her progress as we go on.

Monday, 15 August 2011


I am desperately trying to do a catch up here as we have a lot of shows at the moment!

Capstone has never been a favourite show of mine purely because everytime we have been there the weather has been rubbish, this time was no better!!
Saturday wasn't too bad it was just cold and miserable.
Express ran well and managed a second with a best time of 20.30. This was exactly the right place for them and the race against the team that came first was close and exciting. This team to have hit a bit of a rut lately. I don't really enjoy running Fox and I think this does pass down to the rest of the team. He is very frustrating but it is nice to see Yogi getting better all the time and Alfie reveling in his new role of Anchor dog.
The Essentials team came 6th with a best time of 21.75. Really with this time they should have come 4th but we had a few problems with Lilly dropping her ball. I am hoping we will have a new height dog in there soon to take the strain off. Tia ran well and consistanly ran 4.6 which I am very very pleased with. I still think she has a bit to give and she proved this by doing a best time of 4.45 in start but we will have to play with this and see if this is a better position for her. She is nervous of other dogs so i am thinking that she doesn't like running on to another dog.
On Sunday the weather was appalling!!! It rained all day :(
The Extras came third in their division with a best time of 23.45. I was really pleased to see Annie running really strongly in the rain (very unusual for her - Whippet - Need I say more!!). This team actually all ran really well in the rain!
The Expectations finally came good and did 18.89!!! Yeay!!!! At last!!! Unfortuantly we then had to pull the team out due to the ground conditions. China has only just gone sound and the ground became very slippery and wet with the constant rain so we decided not to risk it. I was fairly pleased as I didn't really want to risk Fly. I was just happy with that time lol.
The Echoes pulled it out of the bag yet again!! 17.53!!! I keep wondering how much faster this team will go as they just keep getting faster!! Thankfully we have Echo back for the Champs which means we can rest Neo a bit. I am a little bit disapointed with Jamie's times though as he seems to be back down to 4.3s. Yes I know this is amazing for a beardie!!! but I know he is faster lol. They came last in Div 1 but really it should have been 4th, we just kept getting lights! lol!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just Dogs Live

This is one of my favourite shows and it was the anniversary of Fox's first ever open ahhh bless :)
On Saturday we all drove up together, we were doing really well until we actually go into the place, got seperated and all got lost! We eventually all arrived and put Kim's awning up and then went straight in with the Extras team.
The Extras ran well and although weren't up on their times came third which is where they were seeded with a best time of 20.41.
Next in were the Essentials, this team ran really well and managed a best time of 21.71 again not quite on normal times but I think a lot of this was due to Kiah being trunky!! That dog is so nosey!! lol. I was really pleased with Tia who managed some really good times and is getting faster and more confident all the time.
The Expectations were appalling!!! The change overs were awful, the dogs ran slowly and I was seriously disapointed by this team. The handlers were really late or far too early. I ended up getting annoyed and basically giving up. The team came 6th and this was all due to bad handling. Very disappointing, that team should be doing sub 19 and they just aren't getting any where near it, they managed a time of 20.04 :( Fly actually ran really well today but I wasn't handling her. I have given her to Morton to run as she is a 'point and shoot dog' she is an obvious choice for a new handler.
The Echoes managed to beat their seed time again and ended up on 17.70. We ended up third due to lights :oS. I'm really pleased with this team. I had to bite the bullet and put Neo up as Fly just can't keep her times up, but I was pleased as this new time was with him and Tasha was late.
On the Sunday we had an easier day (thank god) and were just running the Express team. This team ran really well and all the dogs improved. They managed a best time of 20.41 which was really good with the dogs in the team but were totally outclassed and only managed a fifth. I was particularly pleased with Yogi who is getting better and better at each comp :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We went to Padworth the Kennet Zingers first show st the weekend. We were all very impressed with the lovely venue and the organisation was fantastic!
Kim and I drove up Saturday morning but got held up and got there just in time to register the teams and do the paperwork. It was slightly unusal for me as all of my dogs were running on Saturday except Tia. This is really unusual as they are generally spread over the weekend. It meant that Saturday was manic! I had a dog in every division and then had to ringparty in my div off! lol.

For full details of the teams progress see our teams blog.

Fly was really off colour this weekend, she did one 4.4 and then her times dropped dramatically. She just didn't have her usual fire and was very quiet. We only ran her for a couple of legs first thing in the morning and a couple in the afternoon. However by the next day she seemed ok but is still very quiet. I think perhaps old age is catching up on her as she is 10 1/2. We will be having a couple of weeks enforced rest from flyball now due to other reasons so hopefully she will pick up and get back to her old self.

Neo ran really well. I didn't get much of a chance to see his times but the ones I did see were around 4.7. I was pleased with this as he was consistant all day. I am going to concentrate on the dog's fitness over the next couple of weeks and do more swimming with him to try and build his back legs up again, as I noticed they were really wobbily again. :(

Jamie ran well but not up to his normal times. He settled at around 4.3 but didn't throw in any reallly good times. (I was being greedy and want sub 4 this week!) I just don't think that the ground was very fast and my feelings were confirmed when I looked back at the times for Div 1. There wasn't a single sub 17 time, so I think we did pretty well really!

I was very pleased with Fox!! He was very consistantly running 4.4/5. He is beginning to try a bit harder now and I am hoping that he will be at his best next year when we need him. He didn't run across at all and the only thing he did do wrong was to turn and stand in front of Alfie rather then run once lol!! I rectified this very quickly!

Tia was absolutely amazing this week!! We have moved the teams around slightly and she is very happy with the dogs she is running with. Even in the afternoon when the conditions were very hazardous and she had to run start (which she hates!!) she was still doing 4.6! I am over the moon with her progress and she will be a serious contender to replace Fly if she carries on improving the way she is. All she needs is a little bit more confidence and drive on the way up and she will be doing low 4's. Amazing considering all of the odds were stacked against her, I am very proud :)

Barley ran really well for Soph this weekend and we are now seeing a real improvement and a bond. It has been really hard for Soph as Barley really is my dog and wasn't that far of being in open when Soph took her over They are now doing really well and both gaining confidence and enjoyment. I am really proud of Soph, she is becoming a very good little handler :). Barley also now is beginning to get an great repetiour of tricks as this what Soph does with her to keep her attention in the ring! lol

Rocky is a little monkey but very cute and sweet. Soph has been doing all of his basic care and has got him into a great routine. He is doing little bits of training and isn't as up to speed as he really should be due to Soph having SATS but we have made up a little timetable for his training so hopefully we should see a big difference now :)

Flyball will now take a back seat for a couple of weeks as I have torn a ligament in my neck, god knows how and so have to rest. Hopefully I will be fit for Just Dogs Live at the beginning of July - Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hmm not doing well am I?

I think that is a very appropiate title for this post as my New Years resolution has gone totally down the pan!!

Again a lot has happened in the past couple of months so I will give the highlights and attempt to be more on the ball with my blog from now on!

I will do this in dog order!

Fly has been on CSJ herbs for six months now and it shows! Her performance and stamina have been amazing so much so that she has rejoined the top team at 10 1/2 years old. Admittedly she is the weak link in the team as her times slip during the day but she is one of the fastest dogs when she fresh. She helped the top team go sub 18 for the first time ever this year. I'm hoping this will be her last season in the top team but with this old girl you never know!! She has also achieved her Platinum award. I will put up pics when we actually recieve it :)

Neo has been ok and is back on form a little with the help of hydro and some new back boots that I brought at Crufts. I am pleased with him and he has gone into the second team as he just doesn't quite make the times needed for the top team now

Jamie has been cracking!!! He did a 4.09 at one comp and then did a 4 secs dead at the next!! I was a bit disapointed that he didn't do a sub 4 and all my team laughed at me and told me I was greedy! fair point :) He has now got his silver award and is firmly in the top team as the fastest dog! Who would have thought a beardie could do that?? We also went sub 18 with our multibreed team and he was in that too. :)

Fox has been very hit and miss! He is regularly doing 4.4 without really trying (so frustrating!!!) but then will loose the plot and not go up the lane occasionally or just slow down! I am hoping next year will be his year lol! I have had to take him back as Soph doesn't enjoy running him. Although he is her dog I had to do an awful lot of training with him and it has built up such a bond that he really doesn't want to run for anyone else.

Tia ia amazing and is going from strength to strength. She very rarely drops her ball now and is clocking 4.6/7. I am very happy with those times as she is a big girl and still a little nervy. She is really quite quick on the way back so I am hoping with a bit more confidence up to the box she will get faster. I also still have the problem at the moment that I can't really wind her up still as she is nervous and it scares her but I do it a bit more each time and she is getting better. I'm very proud of her :)

Barley has been taken over by Soph and she is doing all of her training without me in order to build a bond with her. They are both doing really well and learning from each other and I am very proud of the pair of them when I secretly watch them racing in starters :)

Rocky is the new addition to our family. He is one of Barley and Neo's pups. I never intended to keep one but Soph fell in love with him and asked if she could have him. I felt that she had proved she is capable so he was an early birthday present to her. She is doing all of his care and training herself with a little guidance from me and is doing really really well with him :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Catch up!!

Well my New Years Resolution was to be better at updating my blog. I think we can safely say that was a resounding fail!!! ha ha.

I have had a very busy couple of months with lots of things happening and lots of changes. I am going to just talk about the most important :)


This was the indoor comp that we had already entered before the decision not to run indoors again.

Fly didn't run at all as I don't want to lame her.

Neo did one run as I wanted to see if strapping him up to the hips helped for Crufts - it didn't!!

Jamie ran beautifully, he ended up running for Tasha as I had really hurt my back and I was in agony with it. He proved that he was now a multi handlable dog hee hee hee!! Their are no excuses for me having to run him any more lol.

Fox was brilliant for Sophie again today and ran faultlessly and more importantly, consistantly!! Woo hoo. He is going up to the top team now.

Tia was brilliant but is still dropping her ball when stressed or tired. I am just going to do little bits with her as she is in a six dog team and I can get away with it :)

Flyball Fever Seminar

This was a brilliant day!! Kelly and Aaron from the Rocket Relay team in Canada came over to do a seminar. I learnt so much. I was really pleased that a lot of what we were already training was correct, I just learnt how to tweek it to make it better. We had a brilliant day and then a brilliant training session a few weeks later when we demonstrated it to the rest of the team.


Neo went lame :( He fumbled on the box twice and ran out twice. That was the YKC team eliminated. I was so disapointed for Soph who blamed herself. I had stressed to her about shouting 'get over!!' to him and she thought that she hadn't shouted loud enough. Poor little thing. We all made her feel better especially Tasha who brought her a cuddly dog for handling him so well and told her she was proud of her :) Awww.


Yes we have puppies! Barley not being right after her season was because she was pregnant. Neo had some how got her! I panicked the entire time she was pregnant and wasn't happy until they were all born, feeding and healthy. She had six beautiful pups and I am a very proud nanny lol

Friday, 4 February 2011

Wood Green!

This is going to be a very self centered post about how my dogs did at Wood Green. The team blog covers everyone elses dogs :)

Fly - Ran really well. I don't really like running her indoors but decided that she has calmed down enough in her old age to be ok errrrrr NO! She managed to go through a set of stopper pad boots in one competition and make herself lame. I didn't even run her that much Grrrrr

Neo - He went lame in the second race :( I was so upset and the team ended up running three dogs as we didn't have a spare. When he got home he then fell out of the car and was limping on a front leg too.

Jamie - Mad and brilliant as always especially with his new go faster haircut! I finally got fed up and had him shaved again!

Fox - He ran for Soph for the first time and was faultless. I was so pleased with him and he managed some excellent times indoors too

Tia - She was a little star. She went as fifth dog to practise but ended running quite a bit and doing some really good times. Once I realised that I wasn't calling her back properly and corrected myself, she held the ball all afternoon. I was over the moon with her

Barley - She had not really been herself since coming out of season so I wasn't sure what to expect. She got a little overwhelmed by the noise and sensed my stress which caused her to panic a bit but when we both calmed down she was brilliant. I was so pleased with her!

It was a really good show but I have decided not to run my dogs indoors again. I ran Tia at Markfield the following week and in those two shows, Neo, Fly, Tia and Barley all got injured. I think the problem is that we train on grass all year round which is very slippery this time of year and then run them on hard grippy ground. They really struggle and their times are mostly awful. We are running at Leatherhead as we have already entered but then that will be it until we go outside :)