Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hmm not doing well am I?

I think that is a very appropiate title for this post as my New Years resolution has gone totally down the pan!!

Again a lot has happened in the past couple of months so I will give the highlights and attempt to be more on the ball with my blog from now on!

I will do this in dog order!

Fly has been on CSJ herbs for six months now and it shows! Her performance and stamina have been amazing so much so that she has rejoined the top team at 10 1/2 years old. Admittedly she is the weak link in the team as her times slip during the day but she is one of the fastest dogs when she fresh. She helped the top team go sub 18 for the first time ever this year. I'm hoping this will be her last season in the top team but with this old girl you never know!! She has also achieved her Platinum award. I will put up pics when we actually recieve it :)

Neo has been ok and is back on form a little with the help of hydro and some new back boots that I brought at Crufts. I am pleased with him and he has gone into the second team as he just doesn't quite make the times needed for the top team now

Jamie has been cracking!!! He did a 4.09 at one comp and then did a 4 secs dead at the next!! I was a bit disapointed that he didn't do a sub 4 and all my team laughed at me and told me I was greedy! fair point :) He has now got his silver award and is firmly in the top team as the fastest dog! Who would have thought a beardie could do that?? We also went sub 18 with our multibreed team and he was in that too. :)

Fox has been very hit and miss! He is regularly doing 4.4 without really trying (so frustrating!!!) but then will loose the plot and not go up the lane occasionally or just slow down! I am hoping next year will be his year lol! I have had to take him back as Soph doesn't enjoy running him. Although he is her dog I had to do an awful lot of training with him and it has built up such a bond that he really doesn't want to run for anyone else.

Tia ia amazing and is going from strength to strength. She very rarely drops her ball now and is clocking 4.6/7. I am very happy with those times as she is a big girl and still a little nervy. She is really quite quick on the way back so I am hoping with a bit more confidence up to the box she will get faster. I also still have the problem at the moment that I can't really wind her up still as she is nervous and it scares her but I do it a bit more each time and she is getting better. I'm very proud of her :)

Barley has been taken over by Soph and she is doing all of her training without me in order to build a bond with her. They are both doing really well and learning from each other and I am very proud of the pair of them when I secretly watch them racing in starters :)

Rocky is the new addition to our family. He is one of Barley and Neo's pups. I never intended to keep one but Soph fell in love with him and asked if she could have him. I felt that she had proved she is capable so he was an early birthday present to her. She is doing all of his care and training herself with a little guidance from me and is doing really really well with him :)

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