Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just Dogs Live

This is one of my favourite shows and it was the anniversary of Fox's first ever open ahhh bless :)
On Saturday we all drove up together, we were doing really well until we actually go into the place, got seperated and all got lost! We eventually all arrived and put Kim's awning up and then went straight in with the Extras team.
The Extras ran well and although weren't up on their times came third which is where they were seeded with a best time of 20.41.
Next in were the Essentials, this team ran really well and managed a best time of 21.71 again not quite on normal times but I think a lot of this was due to Kiah being trunky!! That dog is so nosey!! lol. I was really pleased with Tia who managed some really good times and is getting faster and more confident all the time.
The Expectations were appalling!!! The change overs were awful, the dogs ran slowly and I was seriously disapointed by this team. The handlers were really late or far too early. I ended up getting annoyed and basically giving up. The team came 6th and this was all due to bad handling. Very disappointing, that team should be doing sub 19 and they just aren't getting any where near it, they managed a time of 20.04 :( Fly actually ran really well today but I wasn't handling her. I have given her to Morton to run as she is a 'point and shoot dog' she is an obvious choice for a new handler.
The Echoes managed to beat their seed time again and ended up on 17.70. We ended up third due to lights :oS. I'm really pleased with this team. I had to bite the bullet and put Neo up as Fly just can't keep her times up, but I was pleased as this new time was with him and Tasha was late.
On the Sunday we had an easier day (thank god) and were just running the Express team. This team ran really well and all the dogs improved. They managed a best time of 20.41 which was really good with the dogs in the team but were totally outclassed and only managed a fifth. I was particularly pleased with Yogi who is getting better and better at each comp :)

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