Monday, 15 August 2011


I am desperately trying to do a catch up here as we have a lot of shows at the moment!

Capstone has never been a favourite show of mine purely because everytime we have been there the weather has been rubbish, this time was no better!!
Saturday wasn't too bad it was just cold and miserable.
Express ran well and managed a second with a best time of 20.30. This was exactly the right place for them and the race against the team that came first was close and exciting. This team to have hit a bit of a rut lately. I don't really enjoy running Fox and I think this does pass down to the rest of the team. He is very frustrating but it is nice to see Yogi getting better all the time and Alfie reveling in his new role of Anchor dog.
The Essentials team came 6th with a best time of 21.75. Really with this time they should have come 4th but we had a few problems with Lilly dropping her ball. I am hoping we will have a new height dog in there soon to take the strain off. Tia ran well and consistanly ran 4.6 which I am very very pleased with. I still think she has a bit to give and she proved this by doing a best time of 4.45 in start but we will have to play with this and see if this is a better position for her. She is nervous of other dogs so i am thinking that she doesn't like running on to another dog.
On Sunday the weather was appalling!!! It rained all day :(
The Extras came third in their division with a best time of 23.45. I was really pleased to see Annie running really strongly in the rain (very unusual for her - Whippet - Need I say more!!). This team actually all ran really well in the rain!
The Expectations finally came good and did 18.89!!! Yeay!!!! At last!!! Unfortuantly we then had to pull the team out due to the ground conditions. China has only just gone sound and the ground became very slippery and wet with the constant rain so we decided not to risk it. I was fairly pleased as I didn't really want to risk Fly. I was just happy with that time lol.
The Echoes pulled it out of the bag yet again!! 17.53!!! I keep wondering how much faster this team will go as they just keep getting faster!! Thankfully we have Echo back for the Champs which means we can rest Neo a bit. I am a little bit disapointed with Jamie's times though as he seems to be back down to 4.3s. Yes I know this is amazing for a beardie!!! but I know he is faster lol. They came last in Div 1 but really it should have been 4th, we just kept getting lights! lol!

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