Friday, 4 February 2011

Wood Green!

This is going to be a very self centered post about how my dogs did at Wood Green. The team blog covers everyone elses dogs :)

Fly - Ran really well. I don't really like running her indoors but decided that she has calmed down enough in her old age to be ok errrrrr NO! She managed to go through a set of stopper pad boots in one competition and make herself lame. I didn't even run her that much Grrrrr

Neo - He went lame in the second race :( I was so upset and the team ended up running three dogs as we didn't have a spare. When he got home he then fell out of the car and was limping on a front leg too.

Jamie - Mad and brilliant as always especially with his new go faster haircut! I finally got fed up and had him shaved again!

Fox - He ran for Soph for the first time and was faultless. I was so pleased with him and he managed some excellent times indoors too

Tia - She was a little star. She went as fifth dog to practise but ended running quite a bit and doing some really good times. Once I realised that I wasn't calling her back properly and corrected myself, she held the ball all afternoon. I was over the moon with her

Barley - She had not really been herself since coming out of season so I wasn't sure what to expect. She got a little overwhelmed by the noise and sensed my stress which caused her to panic a bit but when we both calmed down she was brilliant. I was so pleased with her!

It was a really good show but I have decided not to run my dogs indoors again. I ran Tia at Markfield the following week and in those two shows, Neo, Fly, Tia and Barley all got injured. I think the problem is that we train on grass all year round which is very slippery this time of year and then run them on hard grippy ground. They really struggle and their times are mostly awful. We are running at Leatherhead as we have already entered but then that will be it until we go outside :)

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