Wednesday, 15 June 2011


We went to Padworth the Kennet Zingers first show st the weekend. We were all very impressed with the lovely venue and the organisation was fantastic!
Kim and I drove up Saturday morning but got held up and got there just in time to register the teams and do the paperwork. It was slightly unusal for me as all of my dogs were running on Saturday except Tia. This is really unusual as they are generally spread over the weekend. It meant that Saturday was manic! I had a dog in every division and then had to ringparty in my div off! lol.

For full details of the teams progress see our teams blog.

Fly was really off colour this weekend, she did one 4.4 and then her times dropped dramatically. She just didn't have her usual fire and was very quiet. We only ran her for a couple of legs first thing in the morning and a couple in the afternoon. However by the next day she seemed ok but is still very quiet. I think perhaps old age is catching up on her as she is 10 1/2. We will be having a couple of weeks enforced rest from flyball now due to other reasons so hopefully she will pick up and get back to her old self.

Neo ran really well. I didn't get much of a chance to see his times but the ones I did see were around 4.7. I was pleased with this as he was consistant all day. I am going to concentrate on the dog's fitness over the next couple of weeks and do more swimming with him to try and build his back legs up again, as I noticed they were really wobbily again. :(

Jamie ran well but not up to his normal times. He settled at around 4.3 but didn't throw in any reallly good times. (I was being greedy and want sub 4 this week!) I just don't think that the ground was very fast and my feelings were confirmed when I looked back at the times for Div 1. There wasn't a single sub 17 time, so I think we did pretty well really!

I was very pleased with Fox!! He was very consistantly running 4.4/5. He is beginning to try a bit harder now and I am hoping that he will be at his best next year when we need him. He didn't run across at all and the only thing he did do wrong was to turn and stand in front of Alfie rather then run once lol!! I rectified this very quickly!

Tia was absolutely amazing this week!! We have moved the teams around slightly and she is very happy with the dogs she is running with. Even in the afternoon when the conditions were very hazardous and she had to run start (which she hates!!) she was still doing 4.6! I am over the moon with her progress and she will be a serious contender to replace Fly if she carries on improving the way she is. All she needs is a little bit more confidence and drive on the way up and she will be doing low 4's. Amazing considering all of the odds were stacked against her, I am very proud :)

Barley ran really well for Soph this weekend and we are now seeing a real improvement and a bond. It has been really hard for Soph as Barley really is my dog and wasn't that far of being in open when Soph took her over They are now doing really well and both gaining confidence and enjoyment. I am really proud of Soph, she is becoming a very good little handler :). Barley also now is beginning to get an great repetiour of tricks as this what Soph does with her to keep her attention in the ring! lol

Rocky is a little monkey but very cute and sweet. Soph has been doing all of his basic care and has got him into a great routine. He is doing little bits of training and isn't as up to speed as he really should be due to Soph having SATS but we have made up a little timetable for his training so hopefully we should see a big difference now :)

Flyball will now take a back seat for a couple of weeks as I have torn a ligament in my neck, god knows how and so have to rest. Hopefully I will be fit for Just Dogs Live at the beginning of July - Fingers crossed!

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